“I feel like whether you like him or not, Bush seems like a fun guy. He’s that guy you invite to the barbecue because you know he’ll start the Wiffleball game – he’s like Wiffleball Tony. You’re like: “Yeah, Wiffleball Tony’s here! Alright, alright, this is cool!” And then one day somebody’s like: “We’re going to put Tony in charge of everything.” And I’m like: “We are?” I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, because he’s very competitive – he starts going to the neighbour’s lawn, challenging them to Wiffleball games. He’s like: “I hear you wanna play Wiffleball, bitches!” And they’re like: “We never said that.” But then he starts chucking hamburgers at them. We’re like: “Tony, what are you doing, man?” And he’s like: “They were going to chuck hamburgers at me!” But then it turns out they don’t even have hamburgers! They have hotdogs but they only throw them at each other, so it’s cool.”

—Comedian Mike Birbiglia on the former U.S. President, as heard on a Comedy Central special



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